Detailed description of project:

Setting up the IT infrastructure and reservation system for Emir Airlines LLC in Jeddah for 450 staff and over 350,000 passengers per year over its first three years of operation.
The following activities are on-going:

  • Provision of advice on the network design, equipment selection and procurement.
  • Installation and testing of the entire IT and network system.
  • Procurement of the reservation system as well as Flight Operations System (on subscription basis based on the number of aircraft)—monthly fees paid by the client.
  • Setting up the server rooms (2) at the HQ and the Emir’s Training Centre, including purchase (on from UAE) and installation of servers, desk-tops, laptops, video conferencing, wireless access equipment. Purchase of original licensed software needed to run all programs and systems.
  • Installation and networking of 31 external lines PABX system (Panasonic) for HQ, Training Centre and Jeddah Airport terminal office and enabling connectivity.
  • Training of the IT staff and Commercial department team on the system’s application, maintenance, and trouble shooting.
  • Design of the web site (sub-contracted to an Indian company), domain hosting and email accounts set up for all staff and other users.
  • Design of an intra-web system for crew usage to allow training, upgrading of certification and flight manuals library network.

Detailed description of project:

To set up the IT backbone infrastructure, test, and training of IT staff of EASI FZC in Sharjah, UAE.  The project included:

  • IT architecture design, control and maintenance, and staff training.
  • Set-up the website, including domain registration, web design, content provision and training of staff to update the site on regular basis.
  • Setting up the PABX system using an 8-line PABX system.

Detailed description of project:

Using World Bank funding for the development of telecom infrastructure in Afghanistan, this project aimed at:

  • Provision of a customized landline telephone billing system for over 200,000 subscribers of the Afghan Telecom Company.
  • Provision of the required customized hardware, their installation, and the required documentation for both software and hardware.
  • Training of 6 company staff on the systems running and trouble-shooting as well as updating for new subscribers.  Training was provided in Germany, Dubai, and Kabul.
  • Test-running the system for a period of six months during which the system would be completely tested, debugged.Training of 6 company staff on the systems running and trouble-shooting as well as updating for new subscribers.  Training was provided in Germany, Dubai, and Kabul.

Detailed description of project:

Project funded by the Capacity Development Program (CDP) of US-AID in Afghanistan, aimed at training 80 senior Provincial (34 provincial) managers and supervisors of the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan on six specialized training courses:

  • Report Writing,
  • Project Management-Basic,
  • Project Management-Advance,
  • Financial Management,
  • Time Management, and
  • Business Plan/Proposal Writing.

Detailed description of project:

Ministry of Communications of Afghanistan in the context of an international tender awarded a contract to us in the value of  156,250 Euro for the provision, installation and commissioning of 300 sets of digital, prepaid card payphones for the city of Kabul.  These were the first of their kind in the country.  The project components included: 

  • Procurement, installation, and commissioning of 300 digital payment sets including an state of the art kiosk system.
  • Design and printing of the required chip-cards to meet supply needs for 3 years.
  • Installation of the required data-base and billing systems, including licensed software (provided by Comcept of Pakistan), and the hardware needed to operate the systems and provide a parallel remote monitoring system.
  • Training 12 staff of the Ministry of Communications in both Pakistan as well as on job for a period of 3 months.
  • The project was subsequently extended to cover two additional years of financial/sales/revenue management, complete maintenance program for the entire system, and also to include  2 smaller  cities in Afghanistan for a total value of  135,800 Euro.
  • IT work included system trouble shooting, search function to assist the works of the Police and Intelligence teams, remotely check the proper functioning of each payphone set, and maintain checks and balances on the chip-cards inventory and revenue collection.

Detailed description of project:


The Office of the UN for the Mine Action Coordination Centre of Afghanistan (UNMACCA) required training for 34 of its Kabul and regional offices staff on full MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) course as well as Windows Vista, MS Office 2007, Financial Management and QuickBook Account Program.  Training was provided six hours daily , six days per week, for 11-14 student per class.

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