Military Standard Ruggedized/ Rackmount UPSs 

NOVA's wide range of Power Solutions, power conditioning and battery backup solutions across,  including Shipboard Rackmount UPSs, Field-deployable Rugged and Industrial Grade UPS's and Inverters.

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Nova Power NPC Series 1000-3000VA  


1000-3000VA, 2U Rackmount UPS: A less-rugged version of our popular rugged UPS’s, the NPC Series UPS is intendedfor military, industrial, or commercial applications where strict MIL-STD compliance isn’t necessary.

Nova Power SRNSLI Series UPS

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1250-2500VA, 2U Rackmount UPS: slim version of our popular SRNDTI Series UPS (isolated), only 2U-high. Compatible 2U-high Dual Auxiliary Battery Tray available for battery backup.

Nova Power NP569 Series UPS

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560VA, 1U Rackmount/Tactical UPS:Our brand new "sheet-o-paper" size UPS measures 8.5" x 11", is 1U-high and weighs only 5lbs.


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4000VA/3360W, 3U-high Rackmount Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and Power Conditioners (UPR)

Nova Power NPS1252 Series Rugged-UPS

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1250VA, 2U Rackmount/Tactical UPS with hot-swappable battery drawer and flow-through design

Nova Power NPS1250 Series Rugged-UPS

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1250VA, 4U Rackmount/Tactical UPS with hot-swappable battery drawer

Nova Power NPS1250INV Series Rugged-Inverter

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1250VA, 4U Tactical Inverter (no batteries)


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