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GRS - 1301C ( Mil-Std. Ruggedized Tactical Server)


The GRS-1301C is a 1U high-performance server with two PCIE Gen3 expansion slots and space for 2 disk drives in a rugged all steel chassis. Enterprise server class dual Intel® Xeon® E5 processors, with up to 8 cores each, provide the computing power necessary to meet the demands of today’s multiple mission requirements.

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GRS - 3410D ( Mil-Std. Ruggedized Tactical Server)


The GRS-3410D is a 3U high-performance server with dual processors, 6 expansion slots and space for 4 disk drives in a rugged all steel chassis. Enterprise server class dual Intel® multi-core processors provide the computing power necessary to meet the demands of today’s battlespace. The GRS3410D simultaneously supports SAS/SATA hard drives combining maximum onboard drive storage with the highest R/W performance.

GGS - 1380i ( Mil-Std. Ruggedized Dual Server)

The GS1380i is a unique high-performance computing platform that houses dual servers in a 1U chassis that is only 18 inches deep.
This rugged and state of the art dual server is built to meet the demands of today’s constantly changing mission environments. Each of the 2 servers within the GS1380i contains an Intel® Xeon® processor with 4 cores and up to 1 TB of disk drive storage.

GS - 2500C ( Mil-Std. Ruggedized 16TB NAS)


The GS2500, a ruggedized Storage Server has the highest drive capacity of any 2U server. This dual processor server includes 16 disk or solid-state drives. The COTS-based architecture lets you meet  our mission critical requirements by customizing the GS2500 as a 16TB NAS appliance or powerful core server.

GS400TC (Mil-Std. Rugged Mobile Solution)


The GS4000TC series rugged transit case systems combine high-performance enterprise class servers, JBOD storage, a rugged display and sealed keyboard all mounted in shock isolated transit cases. All products use COTS hardware to provide the most advanced technology maximizing performance. Multiple computing/storage con gurations in a variety of heights are available to meet your specific mission requirements.

GSC-1000B Xtreme (Water Sealed Mobile Computer)


The GSC-1000B Xtreme Box© is waterproof mobile computer that is IP67-rated. The GSC-1000B is a sealed fanless mini-ITX platform. Using sealed military connectors Xtreme Box computers can operate normally even when submersed in 1 meter of water. Germane’s Xtreme Box is designed for military, industrial or commercial environments that require a fully ruggedized, sealed computer that is able to withstand extreme shock, vibration, high temperatures and moisture.

GCS - 1004D (Rugged Embedded Computer)


The GCS-1004D is a low power highly integrated rugged computer that can be easily configured to meet your specific mission requirements. A rugged aluminum housing enables the GCS-1004D to operate in harsh environments without fans or ventilation holes. A custom cold-plate design lets the unit operate under full CPU load from -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F). In addition the chassis is designed to continue to running even when subjected to repeated shocks in excess of +30Gs and high vibration conditions.

GMC-1007E (Rugged Mobile Data Recorder)


The GMC-1007E ToughBox©2 is a military grade mobile device that has 2 PCIe slots and 6TB of hot-swappable disk storage in a rugged small form factor. The ToughBox2 runs NetApp’s Data ONTAP Edge® and VMware’s® vSphere® platform, providing a low-cost tactical edge storage and computing system. Now you have access to the full power of NetApp’s® enterprise-class data management and storage solutions even in forward deployed echelons.


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